Bathtime is successful when your kids get wetter than you do.

Mousturizing Lip Gloss

This simple recipe will give your lips a shiny glow while moisturizing them as well!

* 30ML/2 TBS of petroleum jelly

* 5 ML/1 TS of honey

* A few drops food flavouring (I.E. Vanilla, peppermint or strawberry essence

* Mix all of the ingredients toughly in a small bowl

If it is too runny, add a teaspoon of petroleum jelly and if the mix is too stiff, put in a little bit of honey

* Then just spoon it into a small lip gloss pot.

* Experiment a bit with the food flavouring that you use, you could also add some fine glitter that can be bought at craft stores, if you would like some shine

Print Mousturizing Lip Gloss

We invite you to print the Mousturizing Lip Gloss to use later or to share with a friend.

Bath and Body Tip #10

If you have a tub with jets, make sure to only add A LITTLE bubble bath because the jets will make the bubbles multiply rapidly!


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