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Hydrating Belly Balm Recipe

8 oz Cocobutter (Refined)
8 oz Clear Jojoba Oil
8 oz Meadow Foam Seed Oil
1 oz Vitamin E
4 oz Shea Butter
2 oz White Beeswax
1 oz Hydrovance
16 oz Distilled Water 2 1/2 oz Crafter's Choice Lotion & Cream Creator
1 oz Germaben II E (preservative)
1 oz Fragrance of Choice (optional)

Directions: In a 64 oz microwave glass container, heat cocobutter, shea butter and beeswax until melted. Add oils & preservative. Add Crafter's Choice Cream & Lotion Creator and mix with stick blender.

Notes: Use more Lotion & Cream creator to make product thicker. Add water to make product thinner.

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Bath and Body Tip #11

Oatmeal is excellent for your skin, smells good, and leaves your skin feeling soft.


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