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Coffee Scrubby Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

These all natural coffee scented soap bars make great scrubby's. The embedded coffee beans and grounds give the finished soap a powerful coffee scent that is great at eliminating hand odors.

(1) Coconut Soap Base
(2) Metal or Plastic flat loaf soap mold
(3) Coffee beans
(4) Soap cutter

(1) Clean and organize your work area. Make sure that you have all of your supplies close at hand and available. Our coconut soap base can be melted in the microwave and a melting pot will not be needed if you use this method.

(2) Set aside the coffee beans that you will be using in this project. You will want enough beans to cover the bottom of the mold about 1/2" deep. Grind half of the beans in a coffee grinder or crush them under a rolling pin. Set the ground beans aside.

(3) Fill the bottom of your mold to approximately 1/2" deep with coffee beans. We used our small metal loaf candle mold - M174 - for this project. Make sure that, if using a mold with wick holes, the holes are covered prior to pouring in melted soap.

(4) Place your soap base, cut into cubes, into the measuring cup that contains the ground coffee and melt the soap base. After the base is fully melted, stir the coffee grounds thoroughly into the melted soap base. The soap base will begin to change to a nice natural brown color and the scent of coffee will be very strong.

(5) Pour your melted soap base and coffee ground mixture into your loaf mold. The beans in the mold will slowly float to the surface of the molten soap base as pictured on the right.

(6) After your soap has set, remove the loaf from the mold. You can then cut the soap into nice naturally scented coffee scrub bars

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Playing relaxing music while you soak is a great way to help your bath feel even more spa-like.


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