Happiness is a long, hot bubble bath.


25 oz. distilled water or spring water
2 oz. liquid soap
2 oz. aloe vera gel
2 tbsp. pectin
10 drops lavender essential oil
10 drops peppermint essential oil

Bring water to a boil and add the liquid soap. Let this mixture simmer for 30 minutes. Remove 2 to 3 cups of water/soap mixture and set aside in heat proof container. To the 2 to 3 cups of water/soap mixture, add the pectin, stirring thoroughly making sure no lumps form. To the original water/soap mixture add the water/soap/pectin mixture, aloe vera, and essential oils. Blend thoroughly and bottle. (See note below.)

The doggie gel will thicken as it cools and be ready for use in several hours. Shampoo doggie as you normally would, allowing gel to remain on pet for a couple of minutes.

Once you have the gel mixture blended and are ready to bottle, you may wish to let the get cool complete before packaging in bottles. I've found that once the mixture cools completely, it may be difficult to bottle. This is what I have found to be most helpful, especially if using a container with a small mouth/neck. Take a zip lock freezer bag (thicker than sandwich bags) and roll the top down. Inside the freezer bag (depending on size of bag), place a couple of cups of gel. Gather top of freezer bag together in hand as you would a cake decorating bag. Snip off one corner of freezer bag. Sqeeze gel into container. You may need to tap the container against the counter several times while filling to let air bubbles escape.


We invite you to print the DOG GONE GOOD GEL SHAMPOO to use later or to share with a friend.

Bath and Body Tip #6

Playing relaxing music while you soak is a great way to help your bath feel even more spa-like.


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