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Bellie Butter Lotion Bar

Pregnancy can really stretch the skin (hince the "strectch marks"). Butter sticks that have high emollient content are perfect during this special time in a womans life.

Melt together (all measurements are by weight except for the essential oils):
2 oz. beeswax
2 oz. shea butter
2 oz. cocoa butter
1.5 oz. mango butter
1.5 oz. jojoba oil
1 oz. sweet almond oil

Melt on low to medium heat until just melted. Allow to cool down for a little while, but not until it begins to solidify.

Then add:
1/2 teaspoon litsea cubeba essential oil
1 teaspoon ylang ylang essential oil

Mix well and pour into 4 - 2.5 oz. deodorant sticks. Allow to set until they begin to solidify before closing with a cap.

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Bath and Body Tip #10

If you have a tub with jets, make sure to only add A LITTLE bubble bath because the jets will make the bubbles multiply rapidly!


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