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Citrus and Calendula Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

You will need:

1 lb. M & P transparent soap base

A handful of calendula petals (dried) , about 1/4 cup

15 drops of yellow food coloring

3/4 tsp. grapefruit EO

1/2 tsp. tangerine EO

1 TBSP melted shea butter ..melted separately

Melt the soap base and at the same time melt the shea butter in a custard cup placed in a pan of boiling water or in the microwave. Add calendula petals to the melted base, a few drops of yellow food coloring, the EO and

then the melted shea butter. Try to have this the same temp as the melt and pour. Keep stirring the soap/shea butter mixture. As it starts to set up spoon into heart molds. ( By spooning you have more control how many of the

calendula leaves go into each mold.) I like to let my molds set at room temp until them are skimmed over fairly firm then I chill them in the freezer for about a half hour before removing them from the mold and place them on a

rack to finish drying completely.

This is a very pretty soap. Makes 8 heart soaps.

*****By stirring the soap/shea butter mixture as it cools the butter will not float to the top and make little circles of butter which might look like mold to those that donít know.

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