A nice hot bath will fix just about anything.

Mint Cooler Bath Tea Recipe

Mix equal parts of peppermint leaves, pine needles, and alfalfa mint leaves. Complimentary oil is 1 dropper of rosemary or bergamot to a quart of dry material.

Mix together and package.
Packaging ideas = Package loose in jars or tin-tie bags and include a reusable muslin bag or two.

The method of using herbal teas is to simmer the herbs for 5 minutes, steep them for 10 minutes, and then pour the mixture directly into the tub through a strainer. This method is very satisfactory. The "tea" is stronger and does a better job, plus the fact the fragrance created by simmering the tea is a beautiful bonus.

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Bath and Body Tip #3

As well as soft fluffy towels, having PJs, slippers or a warm robe ready for when you hop out the bath saves you the trouble of trying to find clothes just when you're relaxed.


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