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Herbal Facial Scrub Recipe

You will probably be grinding herbs and flowers here. A coffee grinder works nice, but you will need to have a separate grinder for this purpose because you will not want lavender or rose petal residue to flavor your coffee! You may have a Vitamix, and wish to try that. This recipe will make a nice scrubbing grain mixture, for cleansing your face without using soap. Be creative and custom tailor a recipe of your own!

After cleansing your face with this scrub, use Herbal Facial Astringent to close the pores.

Finely grind oats, or oats and corn. Use 1 cup flour to 2 cups clay, then add 1/4 cup finely ground seeds (try almonds).

1/8th cup finely ground lavender or lavender powder

1/8th cup finely ground rose buds. (these ingredients should all be finely ground and mixed well.)

Ground seeds will give it that "gritty" texture: Everything else should be more of a powder. Of course, grains always have some "grit" to them as well, even when finely ground.

To this mixture, add a drop or two of essential oil(s) to enhance the scent and effect of the grains. Do not add too much! The oils must be Pure essential oils, such as lavender, peppermint, or orange: Do not use synthetic oils, as they can burn and irritate the skin. You can store this dried powder mixture now in a glass container.

To make the moist facial scrub, add honey and a small amount of rose water to the mixture, forming a paste. If your complexion is dry, you may also which to add wheat germ oil, Vitamin E oil along with these moistening ingredients. This moist facial scrub will only keep for a few weeks, so don't make too much at once. It can be stored in a glass jar where it is readily available for use.
These cleansing grains are the perfect soap replacement: Suitable for all skin types, they are mild, nourishing, and may be used daily.

To use, mix with a little water if necessary, and gently massage into the skin. The grains massage off dry, dead skin, increase circulation to the surface, and provide a nourishing "meal" for your face. After thoroughly cleansing, rinse the grains off with warm water. It is recommended you follow up this cleansing with Herbal Facial Astringent to close pores and tone the skin.

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