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Herbal Facial Astringent Recipe

There is no need to refrigerate this astringent and it will have a long shelf life just like a tincture. For a glowing, natural complexion try using the Herbal Facial Scrub to wash your face, followed by this astringent to close pores and tone the skin.

6 parts lemon balm
4 parts chamomile
1 part rosemary
3 parts calendula flowers
4 parts rose buds
1 part lemon peel
2 parts comfrey
2 parts chickweed

Mix herbs and place in a glass jar. Cover with witch hazel, vodka, or gin. Be sure there is an inch or two of liquid above the herb mixture. Cover tightly and let sit in a warm spot for two or three weeks. Strain. For each cup of herbal extract, add one cup of Rose Water. A drop or two of essential oil, such as lavender or rose can be added to enhance the scent. Strain and rebottle for use.

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Bath and Body Tip #8

Very hot water can cause dizziness particularly if you have low or high blood pressure.


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