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Pumpkin Seed Pumice Soap

Pumpkin Seeds
Coffee grinder
One bar of Glycerin Soap
Good sharp knife
Empty soda can
Craft shears
Plastic soap molds from the Craft Store or Cupcake pan

Dry the pumpkin seeds for about a week or until they snap when you break them apart. (Let them set on the pilot part of your stove or slowly dry on low in the oven if you can't wait a week.) Clean our your coffee grinder and grind the dry seeds. A nut grinder may work too.
Use your craft shears to cut the top off the soda can. Pinch the can at the top to make a pour spout. Fill the sauce pan half way with water and put on high on the stove. Chop the bar of soap with knife into about 1" cubes and put into the soda can. Set the can into the boiling water. Turn the heat down to medium as the soap will melt very quickly. Once the soap is melted, use a pot holder to pick the can out of the water. Add one Tablespoon of the ground seeds and stir with something you can throw away like a plastic knife or shisk-a-bob stick.
Pour the soap into the molds and let them set for twenty to forty minutes. When the soap is cool to touch, pop it out of the mold.

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Bath and Body Tip #8

Very hot water can cause dizziness particularly if you have low or high blood pressure.


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