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Strawberry Garlic Facial Scrub Recipe

To make the mask, you'll need:

1 clove of garlic
2 Tbs of boiled water
A few mashed strawberries or peaches
2 Tbs ground oats
1 Tbs of cornmeal
1 tsp of yogurt
2 drops of tea tree essential oil

1. First press the garlic and add the hot water, soaking for a half-hour.

2. Mash the strawberries so that there are still light chunks of berry visible. Don't put in the blender!

3. Strain the garlic from the garlic water and then pour the water into the smashed strawberry mixture. Stir.

4. Stir in oats and cornmeal.

5. Add yogurt and mix well.

6. Last but not least, add the tea tree oil and mix.

Now you are ready to use your Strawberry Garlic Facial Scrub! Pour some in your palm and gently scrub your face, being careful to avoid your eyes. Let the mask stay on for up to 10 minutes, then gently splash with warm, soothing water. Gently blot dry and follow the regimen with toner and moisturizer.

Remember: Use immediately after you make this scrub and discard leftovers.

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Bath and Body Tip #13

If you have a skin condition, dry with care, using gentle blotting actions with a soft towel over the itchy or sore parts of your skin.


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