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Scented Bath Bag Recipe

1 ounce rolled oats
1 ounce dried Lavender
1 ounce dried Lemon Balm or Lemon Verbena leaves
1/2 ounce dried Orange Peel
1/2 ounce dried Lemon Peel
2 dried bay leaves
2 dried rosemary sprigs
8 small muslin bags

In large bowl, mix the oats, lavender and lemon balm. Using a mortar and pestle, lightly crush the oranges and lemon peel and bay leaves and add to mixture in bowl. Break up the sprigs of rosemary and add to mixture. Divide mixture between the 8 bags and fasten with string. To use, hang the bags from the hot tap of running water. You can continue to use the bag until fragrance is no longer evident.

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Bath and Body Tip #13

If you have a skin condition, dry with care, using gentle blotting actions with a soft towel over the itchy or sore parts of your skin.


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