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Harvest Bath Salt Recipe

1/2-Cup Rock Salt (the kind you use in your ice cream maker)
20 Drops Each Apple and Orange Fragrance Oil
1 Drop each Red, Green, Yellow and Blue

Separate salt into two bowls. Add 10 drops of each fragrance oil to each bowl. Separate the apple salt into two bowls and color one red and one green. Stirring color and fragrance thru the salt. Separate the orange scented salt into two bowls and color one yellow and one blue. Stir until well blended. You can put the salt in lidded containers and shake well (but not too hard) to distribute the color and fragrance. Spread the salt out on wax paper and allow to dry completely. Layer in a glass jar. More fragrances can be used if desired (for ex. use 4 instead of just 2).

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