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Goat Milk Lotion Recipe

1 1/2 T beeswax
2 T pumpkin seed oil
2 T palm oil
3 T sweet almond oil
1 T apricot oil
1 C warm goats milk or condensed goat milk
Essential oil/ Fragrance Oil to taste

Melt beeswax and palm oil together. Remove form heat. After melted, add the sweet almond, pumpkin seed and apricot oils. With a blender, slowly add the warm goat milk to oil/wax mixture. Add essential oil/fragrance oil as mixture begins to thicken. Beating until mixture thickens and cools. Since goat milk is used, I would recommend adding a preservative to extend shelf life. Put in containers.

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Bath and Body Tip #11

Oatmeal is excellent for your skin, smells good, and leaves your skin feeling soft.


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