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Conversation Hearts Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

A very small bit of White Melt and Pour Soap Base, this is just for filling in the lettering.
.5 lbs Transparent Melt and Pour Soap Base (I used Olive Oil Glycerin Soap Base)
1 teaspoon Aqua Mica
5 mL Lemon Zinger Fragrance Oil
Conversation Hearts Mold

Transfer pipettes or droppers
Microwave and immersion blender are suggested
Molds of your choice.
Soap Spoon
Pyrex glass measure for melting in the microwave.

Melt white soap and use dropper to fill in letters. You may find it easier to use a cake decorating bag but we don't have those around this soap place. :-) Once the letters are filled, in allow the soap to solidify. Then buff out any areas that overflowed outside the letter area.
Melt the clear soap. Once liquid, add the Aqua Mica and stir well. I used an immersion blender. Add fragrance oil, stir well. Pour slowly into molds. The goal is to not melt the white soap but create a layer of soap that protects the letters from melting while filling the remainder of the mold. I poured about 1/4 inch and let it firm before filling the mold completely.

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