A nice hot bath will fix just about anything.

Luxuriant Bath Oil Recipe

Flower petals
Sweet almond or olive oil

Fill a large wide-mouth jar with petals from your favorite garden flowers (such as lilac, gardenia, rose, jasmine, lavender) or the remains of a bouquet. Heat just enough sweet almond or olive oil to cover the petals. Close the jar and put it in the sun or as warm a place as possible. Heat helps activate the fragrance. Leave it at least three days.

Strain the petals out and you will have a wonderful smelling oil. If you would like to further strengthen the scent, add a few drops of any essential floral oil that will work with the scent you have developed. When the scent is to your liking, pour it into an amber bottle and refrigerate.

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Bath and Body Tip #4

Try to bathe at night after all your work is completed so you can relax better and be able to sleep.


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