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Amber Dusting Powder Recipe

You will need:
8 ounces corn starch
1/2-inch piece amber resin

Assemble ingredients. Place the piece of amber resin at the bottom of a powder jar sifter or clean spice container with sifter insert.

Fill the container to the top with corn starch, leaving a little headspace to shake. Shake well.

Allow the amber and corn startch to mellow together for approximately 1-2 weeks so the scent is evenly and fully set. Shake now and then to encourage the mixture. To use, shake a bit of the dusting powder onto your clean skin to help remain cool with the mysterious scent of amber!

After the corn starch is gone, just add more corn starch to the original piece of resin - it will hold its scent for months. (The resin may eventually adhere to the bottom of the container, so you won''t have to continually move it out of the way to get powder out.)

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