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Lip Gloss Recipes

Moisturizing Lip Gloss Recipe

This simple recipe will give your lips a shiny glow while moisturizing them as well! 30ML/2 TBS of petroleum jelly 5 ML/1 TS of honey […]

Lemon Lip Gloss Recipe

Ingredients: 1 tsp Honey 1 T Vitamin E Oil 1 tsp. of Aloe Vera 2 tsp of grated beeswax 1 T pure almond extract 6 […]

Butterscotch Lip Gloss

1 heaping tsp of Bees wax pearls 1 tsp Sweet Almond oil or 1/2 tsp Vitamin E 1 tsp Honey 1 T. Cocoa butter 7 […]

Apricot Orange Lip Gloss

3-4 drops of essential oil of orange Beet juice 1 tsp calendula oil 1 tsp apricot kernel oil 1 tsp beeswax Melt beeswax in top […]

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