Bathing Beauty

Natural Handmade Bath Bombs

If you are one of those that haven’t heard of bath bombs, many ideas can come to mind. Among them may be “Stress Relief by demolishing my bathroom?” and “Is this a new toy for my kids in the tub?” It can definitely bring many other ideas to mind for the unknowing; though none of these creative ideas describe bath bombs.Bath bombs are shaped items you drop in your bath that fizz and are often used in aromatherapy. They can indeed add to a great relaxing hot bath to relax off the days stress. Along with the fizz that can be quite therapeutic itself also comes scent and color that can set a...

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All Natural Lip Balm

Are you a social user? Do you participate occasionally? Or are you an all out addict? A lip balm addict that is! It's true. Many of us just can't live without our lip balm. Here's the scenario. You apply lip balm several times a day. As an occasional user, or worse... an addict, you ingest a fair share of product ingredients. When you consider lip licking, eating, and drinking, it's hard not to consume at least some lip balm.Is your lip balm filled with nasty, potentially toxic chemicals? Or is it natural and safe?Here are a few of the most common...Ingredients to avoid in lip balm#...

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Bath and Body Tip #1

Make a bath pillow by taking a small pillow and putting a kitchen trash bag over it to keep it dry. Place it inside a regular pillowcase.


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