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Scented Bath Powders

I dont't know why it is, but most after bath powders either smell like an oversweetened baby nursery or like medicated foot powder. Now there are nicer smelling powders out there that you can mix and match with your perfumes and such.

Why not make your own right at home, you can use essential oils or you can also use your own personal perfume to make a matching set without all the extra cost. I love my perfume and of course it comes with matching lotion, bath powder and so on, but I am usually on a budget raising two children, so the extra is out of the question. That is, until I started making my own.

Orrisroot has its own mild fragrance, and is used in the perfume industry to hold fragrances together. It is used here to combine and hold the odors of the essential oils or your own perfume. This is a super-elegant bath powder.

Scented Bath Powder

8 oz Cornstarch and 2 oz Orrisroot (powdered)

Place the above ingredients in a glass jar and shake to mix. Package in suitable containers.

If you want a headier scent, add one of the following to the above mixture.

6 drops of clove oil (Spicy Scent) or 6 drops of orange oil and 6 drops of oil of lemon (Citrus) or 6 drops of lavender oil (Very relaxing)

Shake each day for five days, then package in suitable containers.

You may use any combination of scents, this is inexpensive enough to try all different combinations. Here is a hint for a suitable container, they work wonders and most people have them in their home already.

A beautiful container can be made for powders by using one of the round, one-pound boxes that contain oatmeal. I save the lid, then cut off all but the bottom 4 inches of the box. Then you can even decorate the box by glueing on beautiful paper and adding a big fluffy powder puff. Remember these can make great gifts too.

Bath and Body Tip #6

Playing relaxing music while you soak is a great way to help your bath feel even more spa-like.


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