Bathtime is Splashtime

Find a Facial Scrub For Sensitive Skin

Sometimes exfoliating your skin seems like the perfect answer to the gross, dead skin but the truth is many exfoliating products out there can dry our skin out, causing it to flake even more than before! The number of products on the market that promise glowing, smooth skin that smells of lemon trees and honey are over the hundreds, and most are quite expensive, and not as successful as some of the most simply, home remedies. If you have sensitive skin, but long to ex foliate try oatmeal based products like a simple oatmeal body bar, which can be used on the face as well. Oatmeal is hypo-allergenic and contains tons of amino acids, and other vitamins that give our face the glow, and boosts it needs to make it through dry season. For those of us on a budget, heading over to the kitchen can lead us to a DIY approach to a homemade, oatmeal exfoliator. If you have brown oats [oatmeal] aloe vera, and brown sugar you can create a scrub that's completely organic and all natural, to use on yourself! Oatmeal based scrubs are proven to be better for your skin than anything else, and they are clean and lovely smelling without the toxic chemicals some companies use to scent their products. If oatmeal isn't your thing, you can find scrubs that are baking soda based, which surprisingly is the perfect solution to those of us who have skin that simply can't handle scented scrubs. Baking soda is as simple as it gets, but you will have cover girl skin using a product with this as the main ingredient!

Bath and Body Tip #3

As well as soft fluffy towels, having PJs, slippers or a warm robe ready for when you hop out the bath saves you the trouble of trying to find clothes just when you're relaxed.


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