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Why I Love Melt And Pour Soap Making

I love making soap using the melt and pour soap making method. In my experience itís the easiest way to make your own handmade soap. A good melt and pour soap recipe is a must if youíre just starting out, but once youíre experienced, you can make up your own recipes and get really creative. How about Double Chocolate Brownie soap? Melt and pour soap comes in soap blocks, ready to melt and pour into the mold of your choice. But the exciting part comes once youíve melted the soap block. Then you get to add your own choice of soap coloring, fragrance and fun additives; for instance, oatmeal, flower petals or herbs. Once thatís done, itís time to pour it into the molds of your choice. There are some really cute soap molds available. For example, hearts, flowers, seashells, gingerbread men and many others. Melt and pour soap only takes a few hours to set at room temperature. If you donít want to wait that long, you can place the molds in the refrigerator for about an hour. But never place the molds in the freezer. Once the soap has set in the molds, itís time to unmold it. Just turn the mold upside down on a clean soft surface, so the soap doesnít chip if it comes out with a rush, and the soap should pop out. If youíre having trouble getting the soap out of the mold, run some warm water over the base of the mold and try again. Now your very own hand made soap is ready to use! It makes great gifts to give to your friends and family, especially if you use cute molds like the ones mentioned above. I know my friends are impressed when I give them gorgeously scented and colored heart or flower shaped soaps and tell them I made them myself. So have fun making your own melt and pour soap. The only problem is, once you start, itís hard to stop!

Bath and Body Tip #8

Very hot water can cause dizziness particularly if you have low or high blood pressure.


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