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Maintaining Healthy Nails

The condition of nails reflect the quality of tissue production in the body as nails are considered to be the waste product of bones (asthi dhatu) Healthy nails are pink,smooth and evenly shaped. Healthy nails are often a sign of good health, while bad nails are often a tip off to more serious problems. Dermatologists say healthy nails are an important part of overall health. The steps in cultivating and maintaining healthy nails are quite simple.Many less than desirable nail conditions can be avoided through proper care, but some actually indicate an illness that requires attention. But a...

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Healing Body Salt Scrub

Salt is nature's healer. This body scrub heals as it exfoliates dry, dead skin. Play with essential oil combinations until you find the scent that works for you.

cup course sea or kosher salt
cup olive oil
1 tablespoon vitamin E oil
2 drops essential oil of grapefruit
2 drops essential oil of spearmint
2 drops essential oil of orange

Combine the above ingredients and mix until well blended. Store in a glass jar by the tub.

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Bath and Body Tip #5

Epsom salt is extremely inexpensive and a terrific aid for soothing sore muscles.


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