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Teenager Acne Treatment

Acne is a skin disease very common in teenagers. Millions of teenagers suffer from acne around the world. Many teenagers at some point in their lives are going to get acne mostly due to hormonal changes. These changes will irritate the sebaceous glands which are the oil glands of the skin and the result is your skin will produce more oil. That's why you see teenagers with oily faces. When this occurs, the pores of your skin will become clogged by the sebum and they will open as hard plugs resulting in the formation of acne.Unfortunately for some teenagers, they are still affected by their...

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Goat Milk Lotion Recipe

1 1/2 T beeswax
2 T pumpkin seed oil
2 T palm oil
3 T sweet almond oil
1 T apricot oil
1 C warm goats milk or condensed goat milk
Essential oil/ Fragrance Oil to taste

Melt beeswax and palm oil together. Remove form heat. After melted, add the sweet almond, pumpkin seed and apricot oils. With a blender, slowly add the warm goat milk to oil/wax mixture. Add essential oil/fragrance oil as mixture begins to thicken. Beating until mixture thickens and cools. Since goat milk is used, I would recommend adding a preservative to extend shelf life. Put in...

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Bath and Body Tip #2

Treat yourself to a face mask to make your bath extra special.


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