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Back Acne Body Remedy Treatment

Everyone at some point in their lives have encountered acne. While facial acne is usually the most common, there are other areas of your body which can be proned to acne as well. Other anatomic areas like your back can suffer acne too. As you can't see your back, you might not be aware but there might be acne present. Your back pores can potentially be clogged due to extra sebum on the surface of your skin. As a result, the cells become dead and can't escape the skin. Along with the sebum, they attract bacteria and this aids in the formation of acne. While a back acne body remedy treatment is...

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Spikenard Rose Bath Syrup

18 grams turkey red oil
6 grams vegetable glycerin
2 grams jojoba oil
2 grams rose hips tincture
2 drops spikenard essential oil
5 drops rose essential oil (I use rose alba)

Measure the Turkey Red oil into a glass bottle. Add the vegetable glycerin, jojoba oil and rose hips tincture. Cap and shake gently to mix.

Add the essential oils last and cap. Shake gently again to mix. Allow Spikenard Rose Bath Syrup to sit for at least a week before using. This will allow the ingredients to mellow together. Shake well before pouring into a drawn bath....

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Bath and Body Tip #3

As well as soft fluffy towels, having PJs, slippers or a warm robe ready for when you hop out the bath saves you the trouble of trying to find clothes just when you're relaxed.


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